Basic Charter Rate;

6 hour trip (up to 3 anglers) : 42,000 JPY add 6,000 JPY for each additional anglers

9 hour trip (up to 3 anglers) : 57,000 JPY add 8,000JPY for each additional anglers

12 hour trip (up to 3 anglers) : 75,000 JPY add 12,000JPY for each additional anglers

This simple charter rate only covers the fishing trip.  Please come to the boat by your own means, and bring your own tackle and lures.

Tackle rental: 2,000 JPY per combo.

Unfortunately, I do not offer rental lures or pick up service for this basic charters.  If you would like pick up service and/or rental lures, please book a full service charter.

Full service Charter rate;

Full service charters include transportation to and from JR Negishi station or near by hotel (Kannai / sakuragicho area or closer).  It also includes rental tackle and lures.  An additional 1,000 JPY per unit will be charged if you break or loose any lures.

Inshore 8 hour trip for seabass (up to 3 anglers) :  70,000 JPY

Offshore 10 hour trip for mahi mahi (up to 3 anglers) : 85,000 JPY

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